TV actress and one of the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss Shilpa Shinde has been reprimanded by Bigg Boss for continuously launching personal attacks on fellow contestant Vikas Gupta. Both the contestants have been at loggerheads with each other since the beginning due to professional differences that cropped up during their ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’ days. Shilpa in particular leaves no stones unturned to irritate Vikas Gupta and keeps taking jibes on him. She keeps adding fuel to the fire even when Vikas gets into a fight with other participants on the show.

Earlier, the housemates woke up to Rang De Basanti song. In the morning Vikas Gupta was seen bitching about Shinde. Later in the day, Vikas and Priyank got into an argument and Shilpa tried to provoke Priyank even further. Following the luxury budget task which was won by team Vikas, housemates discussed three worst performers from the task and Shilpa, Vikas and Arshi’s name emerged. This did not go down well with Shilpa who stormed out of the living area in anger. Finally, Vikas and Mehjabi were termed the worst performers. Vikas tried to flee the jail and run away from the house. He was called into the confession room by Bigg Boss who asked him to stay strong in the house.

After Vikas’s return to the kaal kothri, Bigg Boss called Shilpa in the confession room and reprimanded her for taking jibes on Gupta. Shilpa being stubborn however did not stop and continued to make remarks even while giving him food in the jail. Hina and other housemates spoke to Priyank and asked him to not interfere with in Shilpa and Vikas’s fight. In the show, Vikas was also seen trying to clear the air about his differences with Shilpa Shinde which are giving him a hard time on the show.