Bigg Boss 11, which is making headlines after its fights and controversies which started in the first week itself, it was now time for the first captain of this season to be selected. In the 11th episode of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan is called in the confession room and told to ask the housemates to select nominees for the captaincy task depending on the red team’s performance in the ‘Raja Rani ki Kahani’ task they had participated in. Where In confusion, Hina Khan tells housemates to choose the best performer from the task inspite of choosing nominees for captaincy; housemates select Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma.

When Hina announced the names, Bigg Boss said that the contestants nominated as the best players of the task will be considered as the nominees for captainship. This irked all housemates and they lashed out at Hina for not delivering Bigg Boss’s orders correctly and completely. Shew was then accused of disrupting Bigg Boss’ message on purpose.This lead to a fight between Hina and Vikas as he called her a ‘hypocrite’. Hina tried to defend herself, but as she was feeling guilty, she said that she doesn’t care about captaincy and will purposely loose the task.

A twist comes when Bigg Boss gives special powers to the padosis where they can replace one of the two candidates with someone else from team Arshi or the Padosis. Padosis leave everyone shocked as they choose Vikas Gupta to compete against Puneesh and eliminate Hina from the captaincy race.

In the captaincy task, the housemates had to put in their things in order to match Vikas and Puneesh’s respective weight. The two were tied up in air. In the task, the one who first touched the ground would win and become the captain. As the housemates majorly helped Vikas in the task, he beats Puneesh to become the first captain of Bigg Boss season 11.