As the Grand Finale of reality show Bigg Boss 11 airs today, 14th January 2018 at 9PM, the public is waiting to see who out of Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma takes home the trophy. The show saw 18 contestants go head to head to win the title of Bigg Boss 11 the last few months as they were all locked up together. In the final episode before the finale, all four finalists were given chance to relive their journey on the show.

While many TV celebrities and ex- Bigg Boss contestants have come out in support of both Shilpa and Vikas, an inside source has confirmed that Vikas has been eliminated from the race. As per the source, the mastermind on this years game came in third after Puneesh Sharma was eliminated before him. Now that Vikas is out of the game, its a fight between arch rivals Shilpa and Hina. Even though he has been evicted, many of his fans believe him to be a winner already. The kind of tactics and mind games that he has played throughout the season are truly commendable. Vikas has proved himself in front of the camera, after spending years working behind one. 

The race now comes down to Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan and it is extremely close. Twitter and Facebook are seeing multiple polls being run to see who the most favoured contestant is and so far it is hard to tell who will take the trophy and the prize money of Rs. 44 lakhs home with them.

These last few days as well Vikas say a constant battle with Hina Kahn during “Vikas City” which was the final task of the season. Vikas saw his fair share of bouts with both Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan during the entire journey. His history with Shilpa led to a torturous first five weeks where he even tried to run away from the house. Vikas, who is called “Mastermind” was accused of being the reason for all his close friends’ eviction from the house be it Hiten Tejwani, Priyank Sharma or Arshi Khan. his journey was truly an eventful one and has made him a household name in the country.


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