Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 is just one day away from its grand finale, and contestants are trying their level best to win the audience’s hearts. As the contestants woke up to the song, Baadshah Oh Baadshah, the ‘Vikas City’ task continued for another day where dictator Vikas somehow convinced Shilpa Shinde to help him win the task and press the buzzer but at the same time continue to help him against Hina Khan. Shilpa got convinced and agreed to do it. She called Hina a “chaalaak ladki” as she lied about having periods so that she couldn’t do the task.

Vikas told Shilpa about the plan he has to oust Hina from the task as he will ask her to stamp on his family member’s photo. Vikas then ordered Hina to break his own bracelet, thinking she will never do that, give up and press the buzzer. But Hina instead takes upon her and agrees to do it. But she pretends as if she is trying hard to break it but can’t do it.  Vikas then goes a step ahead and asks Hina to step on his own family photo. Yes! He orders her to keep her feet on his mother’s picture and Hina very smartly pretends again as if she is trying hard to kick the cushion on which the family photo is placed but to no luck.

However, this irks Puneesh who finds Vikas’s way of making Hina step on his mother’s picture outrageous. He confronts the ‘mastermind’ and sides with Hina on this. Vikas can be seen accepting his fault and says that although he took a big risk of using his family picture for the task thinking Hina will not step on it now he feels he should not have. Bigg Boss announces that this was the last task of the season and Vikas managed to earn only Rs 6 lakh and not Rs 9 lakh for himself as Hina didn’t press the buzzer. The housemates get nostalgic about their last few days inside the house and the incredible journey they had inside.

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