In the first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss season 11, host Salman Khan gave housemates a taste of their own medicine. Salman Khan who seemed very angry and disappointed with the contestants for their inappropriate behavior, abusive language and targeting ones sexual choices, lashed out heavily on them. Zubair Khan seemed to be his top target for his choice of words and threatening others in the Bigg Boss house.

As the show began, Salman Khan was much furious on Zubair Khan, Hina Khan, Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani. He first asked contestants to select the one inmate they thought should be punished for his or her behaviour through the week and almost everyone chose Arshi.

He asked Arshi to watch out her abusive language, asks Hina why she doesn’t stand against Zubair when he misbehaves with others specially Arshi and why Hiten doesn’t think it necessary to guide others to the right path being the most sorted contestant. Zubair, however was the one to get the worst of all. He was reprimanded by Salman who asked him if horribly cursing at women is what he wanted to show his children. He warned Zubair that if he doesn’t get his act right, he will reveal his truth. Salman further asks Zubair not to call him ‘bhai’.

Salman later addressed what happened on Friday night. In a clip shown during the episode, Akash can be seen abusing and teasing him with his homosexuality. When Vikas began a war of words with him, Priyank came in and aggressively pushed Akash that hurt his head. Due to the strict rule of the Bigg Boss house of not getting into a physical fight, Salman Khan asks Priyank to leave the show as he violated one of the main rules of the house.

While on Sunday, Vikas was seen feeling extremely guilty that Priyank had to leave the house because of him. Before eviction, Salman Khan reveals Sultani Akhada, a new area in the house which has been introduced this season. Arshi Khan and Sapna Choudhary are the first contestants to fight in the ring. Sapna Chaudhary wins with 5 points and Arshi Khan gets 0. Salman Khan asks Arshi if she is hurt. Arshi says, ‘Yes, I’ve got hurt on my head’. Salman says, ‘Good! Now you will be better’. He gives Sapna a gold medal for winning the game. Housemates welcome Sapna with loads of love and celebration.

Later in the show, the team of Golmaal Again – director Rohit Shetty, actors Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu and Shreyas Talpade – paid a visit to Salman Khan and Bigg Boss in Sunday’s episode. As always, the stars visited the house and interacted with the contestants to promote their movie. The task this time involved the actors trying to get the attention of the housemates, who’d have to pretend as if they weren’t there.

Parineeti tells Arshi to watch her language, and gives her mouthwash as a symbolic gift, along with a scarf with which to cover herself. Kunal Khemu tells Hiten that he needs to speak up, because he’s the only person who shows some sense. Shreyas Talpade tells Puneesh that he needs to fight his own fights and that he shouldn’t follow others around. He present Puneesh with a baingan (brinjal) and a thali (platter), signifying his disloyalty.

As Salman Khan announces that Jyoti Kumari and Bandgi Kalra are safe, he reveals that it is Zubair Khan who has been evicted from the house. Zubair Khan is already out of the house under medical supervision. This marks the end of ‘Weekend Ka Waar’ episode.