Bigg Boss 13: The new season of Bigg Bogg came with new changes and new attractions, this time only the celebs are chosen for BB house and fans are expected the great inside stories of their favorite celebs. Last, the night so many fights happened between the celebrities but few serious and emotional talk also happened.

Koena Mitra revealed some harsh moments of her life, she revealed that she is all alone since the past 7 years because she did not overcome her situation and she did not come forward after a big shock. She said it was really difficult for her to deal with somebody like his partner, he was over-possessive and threthed him for everything.

He was a guy from Turkey who was over-attentive towards her and did not let her concentrate on her work. Koena said that she was locked in a bathroom by his ex-boyfriend in Mumbai because he came to Mumbai for her and wanted to stay with her 24*7. She also revealed that he used to threaten her that he will take her to his place and after that, he will burn her passport so that she could not get back to India.

Koena seemed to be very bold and clear with her thoughts, she always tried to clear the issues among the housemates and support the right thing. She had done remarkable roles in the films include Apna Sapna Money Money, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Anamika, Om Shanti Om, Insaan, Musafir, Road, Asal and more.

Aarti also talked about her struggle in the industry, she said that she was complimented that she will be the star and had true acting capabilities but she never got appreciated for her work. She said that her luck never supported her and never gave her fame. She added that her mother sacrifice her life to gave birth for her that was the only inspiration and take her out of the depression phase.

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