Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Gill who has created her different image in the show since day one, she made an image of being sweet, innocent and dumb at the same time. On the premiere of the show, she started pretending how innocent she is and till now she has maintained her character and giving the dumbness goals again and again in the show.

On the first day of the show, Salman asked Shehnaaz to fight with Shefali but she said no to it and claimed that she is not going to fight anybody at least for starting two days because she is like that also. She always makes a puppy face to the things which she doesn’t like. And make innocent faces to put up her thoughts, nobody questioned her because of the way she talk nobody dislikes it. So by this, it can be said that she is just pretending and playing a smart game.

She again gave the evidence of her smartness when she gave the heart to Abbu Malik and got safe because she was the only one to give the heart to Abu malik.  On the other hand, she played safe and make Paras her connection, although Paran is playing a double game to Mahira and Shehnaz.

With her innocence and cuteness, she also forces people to say yes to her, she convinces Paras to choose her whenever he needs to choose a girl in the house and also asked her not to talk to Mahira because she is the one in the house who can break the bond in between them. By evaluating it can be said that she is just dramatising everything and going to be the hidden package that will come forward in the next episodes.

In the weekend ka Var she again tried to be dumb in front of the camera and Salman Khan and behaved like she did not understand the concept of the finale but from her all the deeds it can be calculated that she is just pretending to be like that and her actual personality is something else.


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