Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan on Weekend Ka War met the contestants and make them aware of their camera appearance. He appreciated Shefali Bagga who take her stand at the task, Salman Khan gave her good news that she was the first nominated contestant who was safe. Siddhartha Dey who was sitting next to her kissed her on her forehead. To which Salman Khan reacted and said Siddhartha took advantage of the moment which was not good.

However, while Salman was asking for the connection Siddhartha Dey took Shefali’s name and Shefali took Siddhartha Dey’s name. So we can say that there is going to be a new love angle in the BB house. Shefali and Siddhartha Dey can be seen sharing the bond. Although they are BBF’s already that is Bed Friends Forever.

Salman Khan also adds a lot of fun at weekend ka war, he sends Siddhartha day in a special room and intentionally asked housemates to say no so that he will get punishment on every answer. Siddhartha Dey posed to the camera with feathers, red colour and sand on his body. He was looking funny and other housemates make fun of him and laugh out loud on him.

Earlier, it was speculated that Shefali is making a connection with Asim Riaz but Siddharth Dey bring a twist in the story and Shefali bagga also committed to his response. Well, it will be interesting to see that Shefali bagga who admits that she just for herself in the show, how long she would stay on her commitments to Siddhartha Dey.

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Bigg Boss weekend ka was will be continuing this Sunday as well and Hina Khan will open the supermarket of BB house, Hina Khan will bring a message from the dear once of the Bigg Boss contestants and they will be given a choice that if they want to hear the message or take something to eat for their and other housemates survival.


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