The global Coronavirus lockdown was harder on some people compared to the others. One of the contestants of Bigg Boss 14, Shardul Pandit seems to have had a really tough time during the lockdown as he was unemployed for a long time. He revealed his financial struggle when he entered Bigg Boss with 2 other contestants, Naina Singh and Kavita Kaushik.

Shardul shared with Salman that actor Karan Patel and his wife Ankita Bhargava from the television industry were the two people who extended help to him during his financial crisis. He was once seen saying that he had to think twice before even going for a movie. The financial crunch on Shardul was so severe that he could not even get protein shakes to the Bigg Boss house as he didn’t have money for that.

Pandit told a news outlet that he had many friends in the industry but he got so anxious at a point that he would just not meet anyone and he even locked himself up. He avoided meeting friends because that would cost him money and he was clearly not in the state to do that. Reports suggest that Karan Patel wanted to buy him protein shakes but Shardul stopped him since he wanted his public to see his reality.

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Bigg Boss 14  contestant Eijaz Khan was once seen explaining Shardul that why he should not give up on tasks easily. Eijaz said to Shardul to think about his ill mother and financial condition.

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