Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan tries to hug Kavita Kaushik as she gets evicted; the latter choose to ignore

Bigg Boss 14: The latest double eviction shocker saw the exit of two contestants from the controversial reality game show, wild card contestant Kavita Kaushik and Nishant Singh Malkhani. The FIR fame actor and her friend-turned-foe Eijaz Khan made been making quite the news over the past week. After she was asked to evict the house, Eijaz Khan had come forward to hug her before she leaves but Kavita chose to simply ignore him.

Viewers and actors from the television industry have slammed Kavita over her choice of words and personal attacks on Eijaz Khan. Earlier her eviction, the duo seemed to have a chat over their feud but clearly, it didn’t go down well. Everyone was seen hugging her but as soon as Eijaz made his move, the FIR star simply walked away. She even went to the extent of calling him the biggest regret and that she never considered him a good friend.

In the latest Weekend ka Vaar, Host Salman Khan lashed out at Kavita Kaushik and schooled her warning that her personal remarks on him weren’t required and other housemates too found her comments disgusting and cheap. Recently a picture had gone viral showing both in a party when Kavita had denied having any personal relations or friendship with him.

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Eijaz Khan was seen telling Shardul Pandit how Kavita didn’t even consider him worthy of being hugged. The fight between two might just carry on after the show as well. Eijaz Khan was seen very excited to know Kavita is entering the house but definitely Bigg Boss house just altered their whole friendship dynamics.

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