Contestants were made to let their frustrations and accusations out against each other during the Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Diwali episode. During the task, contestants left no wrongdoing or offence unaddressed against each other. Former Bigg Boss contestant and Bigg Boss 14 senior Gauahar Khan has reacted to an incident that came out as a shocker as Jasmin Bhasin accused her friend Rubina Dilaik of considering herself superior to others.

During the episode, some verbal fights between bitter rivals stood out, such as the ones including Eijaz Khan-Kavita Kaushik and Rahul Vaidya-Rubina Dilaik. A really surprising turn of events came around when Jasmin Bhasin accused her friend Rubina Dilaik of having “superiority complex.”

Gauhar Khan, who used to be a senior in the house during the first two weeks of the show, wrote on Twitter as to what happened between Rubina and Jasmin’s friendship, or if Jasmin had changed after Aly Goni joined the show to help her win.

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‘Galat Fehmi Ke Gubaare’ task was being carried out, its name was changed to ‘Galat Fehmi Ke Gulab Jamun’ to accommodate the Dewali festivities. The task entailed contestants rooting out a misconception about them and others revealing the truth to them. Jasmin Bhasin decided to reveal Rubina’s duplicity and said that she had a superiority complex. Jasmin claimed that Rubina believes herself to be more sophisticated than others and thinks that she uses her mind properly, being superior to others and playing a disciplined game.

Jasmin went to Rubina after the task finished and apologised to her, saying that she did not intend to hurt her. Although, Rubina told her to believe in her words and not regret them.

These accusations by Jasmin were unbelievable for everyone and Rubina replied to Jasmin that she was hurt by her by Jasmin’s accusations. Rubina also told her that she could have chosen a better place and time to tell her as such, preferably in private.

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