The last contestant who was eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 was Shardul Pandit. Shardul was nominated by a panel of Bigg Boss Adalat and later was evicted from the show as he received fewer votes from the audience of Bigg Boss. During the show, it was highlighted several times that Shardul’s current financial state wasn’t good, he was going through a financial crunch in his personal life.

Even after doing Bigg Boss, one of the biggest reality shows of Indian television, things have hardly gotten any better for Shardul. He said to a media outlet that there was no work that he had after doing Bigg Boss, people approached him offering financial help but he told them he needed work. Shardul also believes that he was not seen much on the show and that could be one reason for him not getting any work.

Shardul further said that he would have to start everything from a scratch. He stressed that he was still in need of work, even though he was out of India’s biggest reality show but he had no work. Shardul even said that his statements won’t make a very catchy headline but it was what his truth was.

Elaborating on why he was unemployed before Bigg Boss, he said that he was unwell and was not in the perfect shape. He said that the reason for his unemployment now was that he was not seen enough. Shardul revealed that he had even given up on a web series project that he was offered, for Bigg Boss.