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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik discusses Eijaz Khan’s personal life, here’s what she said

It was a joyous occasion for Eijaz Khan when the actress of the show FIR, Kavita Kaushik entered Bigg Boss 14 as a wild card. He cheered excitedly when Salman Khan announced that Kavita was meant to be the captain of the house as soon as she got there and she chose to save Eijaz from the red zone. Although, there appears to have been a drastic change regarding this state of affairs as Eijaz, upon becoming captain of the house, decided to send Kavita straight to the red zone. This action had shocked many of the house’s inhabitants.

Kavita was the most baffled and absolutely flabbergasted, accusing Eijaz of having used her for his own ends. Upon entering the red zone and joining the ones already there: Jasmin Bhasin and Nishant Singh Malkani and Rubina Dilaik yesterday, Kavita starts discussing Eijaz’s personal life outside his work.

While chatting with the others about Eijaz’s life, Kavita said that he had once been a young member of the television community with a bright career ahead of him but she wonders how he ended up where he is. She said that unfortunately, he had lost all the good things in his life. Kavita also warned Pavitra to be wary of Eijaz as he does not have any feelings for her and she should not hold on for him.

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Afterwards, Jasmin, Kavita and Rubina also talked about Pavitra and Eijaz not being worthy of trust. Eijaz was seen breaking into tears after Kavita accused him. Nikki Tamboli cam forward to comfort him as he sobbed.

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