Every season of Bigg Boss starts with fights and controversies and ends in the same and it is no different this time. The inmates of the house have quarreled over all sorts of things, from petty disputes to team betrayal.

However, Rahul Vaidya and Shardul Pandit have both decided to put aside any differences they had and put on a light-hearted act, trying to ease the house’s atmosphere, which is mostly thick with tension.

In the episode that aired on November 6, Rahul had put on a wig, pretending to be a woman. Shardul joins in on the fun and starts complimenting Rahul, rousing a mock conversation of them flirting with each other. Naina Singh, another contestant in the red zone, is seen laughing hard at their hilarious acting.

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One of these three: Naina, Rahul or Shardul will have to leave the house as they are in the red zone. Rubina Dilaik had also been in the red zone but she was saved after her husband Abhinav Shukla won the immunity task.

However, aside from this little fun sideshow, the house will remain as volatile as ever, with contestants fighting to win the luxury budget, a perk that will grant them a comfortable stay in the house.

The luxury budget task divides the contestants into two teams: the Devils and Angels. During the task, the Devils will give out absurd and humiliating orders to the Angels who will have to carry them out or let the Devils gain one point for each order refused.

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