The most sought after perk next to immunity in Bigg Boss is the luxury budget. Contestants go after the luxury budget ferociously as it is what guarantees them a comfortable stay in the house. This state of affairs is not expected to be any different this season either, as a promo offering glimpses of the next episode confirms where Eijaz Khan is seen making Jaan Kumar Sanu put his hand into a toilet commode.

The task that will reward the luxury budget entails the contestants being divided into two teams: Angels and Devils. The Devils are supposed to give orders to the Angels, who in turn, have to carry them out, no matter how demeaning they may be. The Devils will receive one point for every order an Angel refuses to follow. Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli have been assigned as the Devils while the Angels team contains Abhinav Shukla, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Pavitra Punia and Rubina Dilaik. It is obvious that the Devils will give all sorts of humiliating orders to the Angels.

This belief is confirmed when in the promo, Eijaz can be seen taking it out on Jaan and ordering him to shove his hand into the toilet seat. This leaves everyone baffled, but Jaan consents nonetheless and yanks his hand in the toilet seat. However, upon pulling out his hand, Eijaz angrily claims that some of the water was splashed onto him and orders Jaan to strip off his shirt and wipe his hand.

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Eijaz, all the while yelling, tells Jaan to not heat things between them and if he splashes water onto him again, then he will order Jaan to lick the very hand he had dipped inside the toilet water.

While Jaan is visibly furious at Eijaz, he does not reply and just stands there, with his eyes burning with rage. Abhinav, meanwhile, is seen warning Jaan and Rubina that the Devils will resort to any means they can to win.

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