A romance had been brewing in the house of Bigg Boss between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Poonia. The two had even gone on a date and confessed their feelings for each other but now, however, their relationship seems to have ended on a sour page. In the latest promo of the next Bigg Boss 14 episode, Pavitra appears to have lost all hope in Eijaz.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 14, Eijaz was given the opportunity to choose between two contestants to save. Because of Eijaz’s relationship with Pavitra, it was expected of him to save her but instead of her, he decides to go with Jasmin Bhasin. Pavitra is heartbroken with this turn of events and sobs relentlessly in a corner.

Nikki Tamboli can be seen comforting Pavitra, telling her not to break and remain strong, to no effect even after Jaan Kumar Sanu joins and tries to console her. Pavitra keeps crying and says that Eijaz’s treachery is what is referred to as showing one’s true colours. She says, screaming and crying, that he has caused her a different kind of injury, and that she does not love him anymore and will never forgive him.

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Another teaser of the next episode of Bigg Boss shows the inhabitants of the house ignoring Eijaz’s orders. Eijaz keeps assigning tasks to the inhabitants but this insubordination continues, with the contestants giving a plethora of reasons and excuses for not doing the work given to them, much to Eijaz’s puzzlement. It is unclear whether this behaviour among the contestants is caused by Eijaz placing Pavitra closer to elimination or something else entirely.

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