In yesterday’s episode, Salman Khan berated the Bigg Boss 14 contestants, foremost among whom was Jaan Kumar Sanu, who had to weather the brunt of Salman’s anger for his use of uncouth words. Every time during Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman goes over the performance of the contestants, offering them words of advice, censure and in rare cases, praise. Jaan, however, got the worst of these.

During the luxury budget challenge, in which contestants were divided into teams Angels and Devils, a scuffle erupted between Eijaz Khan and Jaan. The Devils were supposed to give out orders to the Angels, who had to complete them no matter how absurd they were. Eijaz took this to the extreme when he ordered Jaan to stick his hand inside a toilet seat, among other humiliating things. Jaan went along with this but eventually, a fight broke out which soon turned physical. All the while, both hurled insults at each other and Jaan even spouted some curses.

Salman mostly offers advice to Jaan but the events of the Devils and Angels task changed what was becoming almost a custom. Salman tells him the house’s sweet boy has become the most ill-mannered boy after using such words. Salman asked about the level of impropriety he was going to and said that this tarnishes his own personality, instead of Eijaz’s.

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Although Jaan had apologised to Eijaz, Salman was still dissatisfied. Losing the host’s favour would certainly be damaging to Jaan as he might also lose some support from fans. Despite this, fans remain about equally divided on the issue with one side supporting Jaan and the other condemning Salman and Eijaz, saying that bad words should not be a big deal in a show like Bigg Boss.

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