Bigil release date postponed: Thalapathy 63 was supposed to release on Diwali but the change in the release date is speculated due to the delay in trailer and teaser release. The film did not lose the grip on social media and the team is updating the fans with every detail but this process gave lead to many questions.

The first question that came out was, Are makers confused about the release date of the film? Till now so many announcements were made regarding the release of trailer and teaser but till now nobody revealed the actual date. The makers created a lot of buzzes but it seemed to be a bad strategy because soon everyone will lose interest with continuous delay.

In a recent update, Archana Kalpathi who is a creative producer of the film told media that there are some issues with censorship certificates. The film did not receive a censorship certificate which results in a delay of the trailer launch. The effect of delay in trailer launch the film might also get delayed but no such official statements are made by the makers.

The fans were eagerly waiting for Thalapathy Vijay’s Bigil, but the curiosity is now going down. One of the fans said that the promotional strategy of Bigil is confusing yet poor. Thalapathy 63 is on the way so why the pressure on Thalapathy 64 is more, are they trying to distract fans from Thalapathy 63 to Thalapathy 64.

There are so many doubts about the film Bigil, the makers stated that the film is family entertainment then why it did not get a censorship certificate from the boards. Also, they added that the film will be relatable for all the viewers. But we saw Thalapathy Vijay holding a knife in blood so how we could relate to a violent character. Well, if it makes senese then it will be interesting to watch how the film will cross all the obstacles and hail the screens on time.




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