Bigil teaser release postponed: Thalapathy Vijay starrer Bigil is facing some problem, earlier the makers revealed that the film is not getting the censorship certificate that is why they cannot release the trailer or the teaser of the film. The creative producer Archana Kapathy said that the film is facing some censor board issue but it will be resolved soon and the fans will get to watch him on screens soon.

Thalapathy 63 was the film for which the fans were eagerly waiting but now somehow the interest is dropping down because of the constant confusion created by the officials. Also, the audience got distracted by the updates of Thalapathy 64, probably this was done just to drag away the attention of the audience from Bigil.

Thalapathy Vijay starrer Bigil was announced in 2017 and since then the fans are waiting for it, it was said by the makers that the film is a family entertainer then it is a big question, how the family film is not getting censor board certificate. Is this the right problem that the film is facing or the issue is something else?

The makers assured that they will unveil the teaser in the first week of October, they created a lot of Buzz by the multiple announcements of the release of a teaser on Twitter. Later, they changed their own statement and wrote that Bigil trailer will be out by this week. But now after such a long wait, the fans did not get the teaser and not the trailer. Since the film will release on October 27  and slay the theaters on Diwali, people are expected the trailer release soon.

The team has just revealed the posters and the audio of the film. The audio launch event was done on a grand note and created a lot of buzz for Thalapathy 63. But everything now seemed to be slow down and it is going to be very difficult for the makers to keep the audience bounded.

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