Chhichhore poster released: The makers of Chhichhore has released some posters introducing the characters in the film. The audience will find the posters interesting as they are funny and weird names. The characters are unique as each character is performing dual generation. The posters are quite descriptive with the meaning of the titles given to the characters. 

The character posters are similar to the poster of the film, stars are showing two generations, the younger won seems standing behind the old generation. The character posters are revealing the nature of the character as well. In each poster, the name of the character is given with the meaning of that name.

One of the basic posters of film is captioned Introducing Mere Chhichhore Dost. Shraddha Kapoor has given the name MAYA and under which the title is described as a noun and meaning given is magical, it can be predicted that shraddha is going to spread her magic in her college. whereas Sushant Singh Rajput is titled as ANNI, describing as the hero of a group, also the only guy who gets a girl in the engineering college. 

Apart from Sushant and Shraddha other characters are also revealed, Varun Sharma is titled Sexa, meaning despo, he has been described that he is not a pile on, he is hard on. Tahir Raj is described as the poster boy of every sports brand and has given the tag line, he just do it. Tahir is named DEREK meaning daring. Naveen Polishetty is titled as ACID meaning no filter, with a tag line, his grades are full of CC so all he does is MC, BC. Saharsh Shukla is performing as BEVDA that means one who is alcohol, with a tag line, 59 percent alcohol and 1 percent water. 

The actors are looking remarkable and appearing cliche according to the given name, Chhichhore is rescheduled to release on September 6 this year. 


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