Arjun (Sushanth) hates marriage so it’s no wonder that he is a huge fan of Salman Khan and Lord Hanuman. Though the 27-year-old is under tremendous pressure from his parents and friend (Vennele Kishore) to tie the knot, Arjun has dreams of buying a luxury sports car and a European vacation before he succumbs. But his parents refuse to give up and set up a ‘pellichoopulu’ with a difference. As soon as Anjali (Ruhani Sharma), the prospective bride, rings their doorbell, Arjun knows he is in for a tough time.

The movie takes off from here and we see what transpires over one night between the two of them. When Anjali arrives at his home with anticipation, she is told by Arjun that he has no intentions of marriage. And Anjali is someone who has been rejected numerous times not just for looks but also because her mother suffers from bipolar disorder. Burdened with the angst of rejection and the hope that this proposal will go through to literally save her mom, she is devastated. But unlike an immature Arjun, who thinks of only his needs, Anjali is someone who has seen more than her share of woes in life and has learnt to deal with them calmly. She is quite independent, sans fear and has a lot of self-respect.

As the movie progresses, we see how the relationship between Anjali and Arjun transforms and how they are also a study in contrasts. Does Arjun finally think marriage is right for him? Do the two end up getting married?

Chi La Sow is not your typical commercial film but a slow-burning romance sans the melodrama and over-the-top acting. It is subtle, real and the audience will easily identify with Anjali and Arjun. Sushant and debutante Ruhani Sharma essay their roles with conviction and their chemistry comes out well on screen. Vennela Kishore, of course, provides the laughs in the film.

The movie doesn’t have any major action or loud scenes and the music here is only to enrich the scenes by conveying the emotions. However, it could have been cut short to about two hours to make the narrative crisper and pacier.

This is actor Rahul Ravindran’s first film as director and this is a good effort. He has also written the dialogues and screenplay and what comes across is that he understands the nuances of relationships well. Chi La Sow is a romance about regular people and it leaves you walking out of the theatre with a smile. Having said that, this slow burner may not really be everyone’s cup of tea.

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