Monday, August 8, 2022

Coronavirus: Kapil Sharma rubbishes rumours of pets spreading COVID-19, urges people not to panic

Coronavirus: Every day the count of people getting infected from coronavirus is increasing and so is the fear amongst the public. Though people are following the set of rules given by the government, it is very important to control the transmission of the virus. The country is currently under complete lockdown till April 14 and no one is allowed to come out on roads except some providing essential commodities.
Recently, comedian Kapil Sharma opened up on how he is taking precautions to protect his family from this virus. In the interaction, Kapil Sharma also expressed his concern over the rumours that animals and pets are also among the chain of spreading the virus. Opening about the subject, Kapil replied that all this is a rumour and WHO has also confirmed that the virus can’t be transmitted from pets.
He said that even he has pets and a small baby as well. During this pandemic, it is important to take precautions and save your pets from the outbreak just for safety purpose. He also revealed that during this time when there is so much panic created, people should also feed the stray dogs who are actually hungry.
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Kapil also suggested the public not to get out of your homes and soon this time will also pass. Further, it is very important to wash your hands properly and wear masks. He added that spreading baseless rumours is stupidity and people should think before just spreading such messages.

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