Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Coronavirus lockdown: Avika Gaur’s Balika Vadhu to be telecast again

Avika Gaur is super excited as her debut show is going to be re-run on colors tv. Avika Gaur’s show Balika Vadhu got immense popularity since the show has begun, the child actor made everyone convinced to watch the show. It was a rare show base on social issues and has been highlighted through a drama on television. Balika Vadhu was made on Child Marriage and it’s consequences.

Avika Gaur performed as a child actor where she got married at the age of 8. She has been shown very intelligent and intellect, she was interested in studies and wanted to become a teacher. But all her dreams got vanished when she got married. Her in-law’s family was so strict and they were particular about their old traditions. Her grandmother was so strict and the character was performed by Surekha Sikri. During the lockdown, many shows have been re-telecasted and now one of the most iconic shows Balika Vadhu is going to re-run on televisions.


You all will be very happy after watching these shows again but the actors are super happy after watching their best performances once again. They are watching themselves again, some are proud and some are embarrassed about their own performances. The best thing about the re-telecast of those shows is they are telling us how wonderful shows we have made to impress the audience. The show will also remind people of Pratyusha Banerjee who played the role of adult Anandi and has been mysteriously died in between the show.


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