Janahvi Kapoor has become the talk of the town when she was about to enter the Bollywood industry with her debut film Dhadak. She has gathered a lot of attention on her as she is Sridevi’s daughter. People have high expectations from her and after the mysterious death of Sridevi people were waiting for her replacement.

Undoubtedly, she performed well but could not replace Sridevi as it is very difficult to match the legendary actress. But people are still expecting things from Sridevi’s younger daughter Khushi Kapoor who has not made the entry yet but still keeps herself in limelight. Khushi Kapoor looks more alike Sridevi and fans want her to perform soon. Khushi Kapoor has been sent to the US for learning in the year 2019, we have seen her goodbye pictures with daddy and sister Janhvi Kapoor. But the trio is back at home due to the coronavirus lockdown.

This duo is setting true sibling goals and you might recall your own childhood days after watching this video. In the video, Dhadak actor said that there is no escape for her as her sister is not letting her go. Then she turned the camera towards her hand and Khushi was biting at her hand. The video showcases the scene of two crazy sisters.


Talking about Janhvi Kapoor, she has received love for her debut film Dhadak and now she is also working on other projects. He solo film is also lined up but the lockdown might to the extension of the film release.

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