Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Coronavirus lockdown: Naagin 4 actor Nia Sharma reveals how she tackles crazy fans

Nia Sharma has shared some crazy stuff during quarantine and shared some exciting insiders about her. Talking to a media portal Nia Sharma revealed how she took the compliments of being hot and sexy. Nia is a very sorted girl and she keeps her things away from their professional and personal routine. Nia said that she does not take the compliments like you are hottie or something like that.

She often gets such compliments but she heard it from one ear and throw it from the other. She does not keep them with her or she even does not take it home. She said that she loved the compliments like she has a good personality, people felt good vibes from her. She likes compliments like the person says he like her company, likes the way she carries herself. Nia said such things meant to her and she keeps those compliments.

She said that whatever she has made it’s by her hard work. It is the makeup and the outer beauty that people compliment and that is why she even doesn’t take those compliments. Earlier Nia talked about her diet and she revealed that she is so particular about her mean and now she doesn’t even crave it. Nia Sharma is indeed one of the sexiest ladies in Asia and has received many compliments for it.

Naagin has been one of the most-watched series and it always hikes the level. Nia Sharma is the most appropriate choice of directors for this time. Nia said that she loved it when someone calls her a genuine person, it boosts her up and actually meant to her. It seems that Nia is very much clear about her likes, dislikes and she knows what she wants in life and whatnot.

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