Stressing on the need to be vigilant and extra cautious as facilitates are being re-opened post the coronavirus induced lockdown, veteran actor Anupam Kher on Monday sent a message to his fans to ‘not to get drawn into the fact that everything is normal around us’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Friends facilities have been opened so that life can be seen coming back on track. But the #COVID-19 epidemic is in the air…” wrote the ‘Hotel Mumbai’ actor as he posted a video message on Twitter. In the video, Kher said, “Friends, we have been taught since childhood to be optimistic, and not to lose hope in any situation… and that is exactly the same we are doing in this fight against COVID-19. We are slowly trying to go out and gradually our lives are moving ahead, we are noticing more people on roads, shops, parlours are opening, even there are talks about opening some hotels, and we even notice crowds of people which ingest in our minds that our life is coming back to normal. But this isn’t the case.”

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Pointing on the inclined graph of COVID-19 cases, the ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ actor added, “Albeit, the numbers are increasing, number of deaths are on the rise. So on one hand, where life has to follow its normal course, while on the other hand, our precautions, our efforts should be more strict… Let’s not get drawn into the fact that everything is normal around us.”
Urging people to be extra cautious, Kher said, “I request all of you, just like we took precautions in a principled manner at the beginning of the lockdown…of wearing masks, washing hands and maintain social distancing… let’s bring back that time…”

The ‘Saaransh’ actor added that apart from his family, he noticed friends, relatives and known ones who have been infected with COVID-19 and it’s penetrating. He warned, “friends, not just be relaxed about the situation, relaxation should be in mind that one-day things will be better, but till then please wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing! Don’t forget and we need to get back to five months back and follow the same that we were following if we want to live 50 or 100 years more in life… that’s what I want.” (ANI)

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