The great Greek philosopher Socrates once said, “I cannot teach anybody, I can only make them think”.

The above-mentioned quote is for those who want to learn from the best teachers in their learning process.

It’s rightly said that teachers are a source of inspiration, a guiding light and a hope of everyone’s life. For many, teachers are like God’s mirror image or the second parents. Be it an average student or a competent one, the significance of teachers’ presence is incomparable. And, like every year, on September 5 we are celebrating the day to bow down in their respect, worldwide. These words become more precious to those who cross their roads of learning when they meet a good teacher. They not only act as a significant element in transforming many lives but also nurturing a student throughout the life.

Therefore, time and again, in order to portray the good teachers, from Bollywood to Hollywood, every inspired maker has put their best foot forward.

So, on the occasion of Teacher’s day, we have compiled a list of 5 best Hollywood movies, which you can watch and learn more to respect their presence in present times.

1. Teachers (1984)

Fed up with daily classroom problems? Teachers have a perfect visual treat to depict the daily problems with a humorous satire in it. The problems including disappearing desks, a brawl over the copy machine and a star substitute who is actually an escaped mental patient.

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2. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Are you a poem lover? If yes, then Robin Williams has a perfect inspiring lesson to touch all the right chords of your students-teacher relationship. The movie has portrayed a touching story of a poem learning students whose teacher brings an inspiration to the lives of his straight-laced prep school students.  

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3. Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

The classical musician Glenn Holland assumed that teaching will give them a plenty of time to compose his masterpiece. However, Holland finds his life passion in educating the music. Mr Holland’s Opus is the movie to learn that a relationship of teacher and a student is a two-way process.

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4. Dangerous Minds (1995)

How to win over rebellious students? Dangerous Mind is a perfect treat to all those teachers who tried/ want to try something fish-out-of-water. Ex-marine Louanne Johnson character has a trick to know how to handle the rebels with candy bars, karate and Bob Dylan. A compelling Hollywood movie to show connections between a teacher and her students.

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5. October Sky (1999)

What to do if you are passionate about learning but stuck in a small town thinking? October Sky has  a solution for you. It has a plot of a young Jake Gyllenhaal who is passionate about launching a rocket in a 1950s close-minded, coal-mining town. With the support of his teacher, he follows his passion to the state science fair, to college and eventually to NASA.

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So if not watched, then grab a CD and pack full of popcorn to celebrate the day with a learning.

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