Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Deepika Padukone says Ranveer Singh is the easiest person to live with during lockdown as he sleeps for 20 hours

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One of the most adorable couples of the Bollywood industry is Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. In the recent time of nationwide lockdown, Deepika took part in a hangout interview with journalist Rajeev Masand. In the interview when Rajeev asked her about her daily routine with Ranveer, she said that Ranveer is the easiest person to be with during this lockdown, as in a day he keeps sleeping for 20 hours and that gives her the time to do things that she wants.
Deepika added in her statement that even in those 4 hours when Ranveer is awake, they either watch a movie, eat or do some exercise. The actress said that her lockdown time is going really well as she is getting no demands from Ranveer’s side and he is not creating any kind of hassles for her.
The diva continued by saying that Ranveer never goes to the kitchen and on the other hand she is a very good cook, she is excellent in western cooking, Italian and continental. The star even mentioned that she is scared of the cooker and said she wants to learn Indian cooking at this time, she even wants to learn the difference between the dhaniya, pudina and besan, atta.
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Padukone said that she doesn’t know that how can people say that they are getting bored in this lockdown, as she is the kind of person who will find out some or the other way to pass her time. In this lockdown, she is watching some Oscar-winning movies like Parasite, Ford Vs Ferrari. She said that she is passing her time by watching one movie every day with Ranveer, the star added that even in her busiest schedule she tries to find out somethings to do and she is trying the same in times like this.

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