The Greatest Showman of India, Raj Kapoor won the hearts of audiences all over the world but there was one wish that he couldn’t fulfill. The legendary actor’s son Randhir Kapoor was reminiscing the memories of his father at the Raj Kapoor Awards for Excellence in Cinema. He revealed that despite being the pioneer of Indian Cinema in China, Raj Kapoor never travelled to the country because he did not wanted to disappoint his fans with his weight gain. The veteran actor said, “One day, he called me and said he got an invite to visit China because his films are very popular there and we all are going to China! He was very excited and so were we. While we were making arrangements, two days later he called me and said, ‘I am thinking, let’s not go to China’. He said, ‘They are in love with the Raj Kapoor of Awaara, Shree 420 and look at my size now! I don’t look like that anymore’!”

Recalling the conversation, Randhir Kapoor further added, “He said, ‘Russia has been seeing me over the years in various sizes so they accept me even now, but I don’t want to disappoint all my fans and break the image (in China). I am not the Raj Kapoor they think I am’. That was the actor in him speaking. He didn’t go. All his life he never went to China! He is still very popular, his films are very popular. Now all our films are going there (China) but he was the pioneer who took our films there. But the actor in him didn’t want to break the image.”

Rishi Kapoor, who was also present at the event, revealed that the legendary actor almost missed the opportunity of being directed by filmmaker Satyajit Ray. He said, “Originally Jaagte Raho was offered to Satyajit Ray to direct but he wasn’t available. That’s why the whole crew was Bengali in the film because Dada was supposed to direct it… My father missed being directed by Ray and, in fact, my grandfather just missed being directed by the great Rabindranath Tagore in another film.”

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