Padman of India Arunachalam Muruganantham addressed students and watched a special show of the movie Padman along with them, he also revealed his ideas of making the film in Hollywood, while asked about the idea of making movie on sanitary napkins he said, I had been getting offers by regional filmmakers to make the film on my work. I always wanted my work to be seen all over the world not restricted only to this part of the world it should disperse the reality that I wanted to reveal.

When asked about the selection of Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar for the movie, he said, I have received offers from the Bollywood filmmakers but I want my work to reach to the public in quick time. I feared that if I sign an agreement and give right of my work to them what if they may shelve my work, Twinkle Khanna has done a story on me and she spoke to me and their words were crystal clear they kept their promise of completing the film in nine months.

He replied to question which was about the Tamil version of the movies and the actor who can fill the shoes of Akshay Kumar he said, I believe Dhanush will be the picture perfect for the lead role. Further adding he also mentioned about his struggle of his work to get acknowledgement he said, I have suffered extreme of getting my idea of making sanitary napkins, my sufferings begin from my own family they have disliked the idea and rattled me and the second level was my village community who tied me to a tree and thrashed me but today they hail me and my idea.  

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