The sexual assault a Malayalam actress in February this year has haunted the Malayalam film industry for months. Dileep is now out on conditional bail and he received a rousing welcome from his fans. However, a post by Loser’s Media on Facebook applauding Dileep’s return and stating that he is out despite being mastermind of the killing has not gone down well.

Noted actress Rima Kallingal, who is a good friend of the assualted actress, took to her social media to write, “My friend , who was brutally attacked on February 17th , and who is seeing and listening to everything that is happening around her ever since, send me a screenshot of this FB post. I think I have a duty to tell her that all our men shouldn’t be shamed for the acts of a few and that we women should stand with the real men of this state. And it is time we save them. It is time we save our real men from the kind who spew expletives on a woman and make her take down a pulimurugan review and bring shame to Mohanlal and all the real men out there. Save them from the kind who make Lichi cry ‘on live’ and bring shame to Mammooty and all the real men out there. From the kind who Post a Facebook message like this and spread the message that Dileep indeed has given the quotation and is capable of much more, when he might actually just want to reflect on his life after 85 days in jail. Save our real men and a younger generation from the belief that this is machoism and heroism. Save them from looking like idiots cos they are clubbed with these brainless dimwits. We as a society need to tell my friend and the world that, 100 people who distribute sweets out side the jail and copy paste from fake profiles like cowards are not the real men of our society. These are not the men we want to be friends with, fall in love with, spend our lives with, enjoy a drink with, celebrate with and trust with all our hearts. Can the real men out there please stand up and take a bow.”