Self-made star Ayushmann Khurrana is going to celebrate his birthday by putting himself through a gruelling training session. This is because he can’t take a single day off from working out so that he can achieve his desired physique for his next film, a progressive love story directed by filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor

The youth icon and a thought leader, who turns 36 today, says “I’m currently neck deep in preparations for my next, the progressive love story directed by Abhishek Kapoor. I’m running against time to achieve the desired physique for this film and I know for a fact that I can’t take a single day off from working out. So, even on my birthday, I’m going to train really hard.”

Ayushmann says he wants to wow audiences with his transformation and is doing his level best to meet his own expectations. “It has been really tough to push myself this much because I want a certain transformation for myself. I have a certain expectation and I want audiences to see something new about me,” he says.

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The versatile star jokes that his birthday has fallen on a day that he currently dislikes – “I usually shudder on Mondays and just look for excuses because I have to do legs. It’s painful but as they say no pain, no gain. This year, my birthday falls on a Monday! So, I’m hoping I will be able to walk after my session and be in the right condition to celebrate my birthday.”

Ayushmann is, however, thankful that he can be with his entire family this birthday. The Khurrana family will have a quiet celebration in Chandigarh, given the pandemic. His busy schedule, given his meteoric rise to stardom has unfortunately not given him the time to plan birthdays with his entire family for years. “I’m grateful that I’m spending my birthday with my entire family this year in Chandigarh. I don’t remember when was the last time that I got to do this in the recent years. So, it is going to be very special and I’m thankful,” he says.