Monday, August 8, 2022

Fashionista Kevin Caicedo Mosquera opens up on the changing dynamics of fashion photography

There is a saying, change is universal. We need to go with the cycle of learning, unlearn, and relearn to survive in the present time. The same kind of changes is faced by the fashion world post the expansion of technology. A major part of the fashion industry that has changed is fashion photography.

With changing dynamics of technology, the dynamics of fashion photography are also changing and our very own Kevin Caicedo Mosquera seems to believe the same. The photographer who has time and again amazed us with his classy photographic skills and his perfect execution is currently busy in his upcoming photoshoots.

“I think that technology has played a vital role in changing fashion photography. Also, the fashion industry itself has changed a lot which would ultimately affect the photography industry. Not to forget the role of social media in the same”, said Kevin.

The fashion photographer thinks that technology has played an important role in changing dynamics of the fashion photography. Kevin also thinks as the fashion industry or the glamour world has changed a lot from earlier, which eventually affected the fashion photography business. In the end, Kevin also mentioned the expansion of social media has played an integral part in the making of fashion photography of the present time.

The one that comes to mind for the fashion photographer is wonderful. Kevin is amazing and perfect in his every shot. His every shot shows his talent and precision to his viewers.

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