Govinda-starrer Fryday was released worldwide on October 12, Friday. The film is helmed by Abhishek Dogra, which is a marital comedy. In the film, Superstar Govinda plays a role of a popular theatre actor Gagan Kapoor. His life was normal until he met a failed salesman Rajeev (Varun Sharma) who rings his doorbell to sell a water purifier and but later persuades him to buy it. Besides this,  Gagan (Govinda) is also a cheating on his wife.

Actor Govinda has come back to the silver screen after a long time. As the expectations from him are sky high, we have compiled a list of reviews of critics who can give you a better idea of the movie.

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In the review by, Nandini Ramnath writes that she is clearly not impressed with Govinda’s comeback. She has written that the movie, which is set in Delhi, is filled with jokes. As expected, the humour lands on point, especially in the scenes with Govinda and Varun Sharma. However, the overall film seems like a play or a low-budget television film. The reviewer adds that it seems like Fryday isn’t really a comeback for Govinda but it is sufficient for his massive fanbase.

In the movie review by Firstpost, Udita Jhunjhunwala writes that Dogra’s direction and the production values are unimaginative. Therefore, besides Govinda’s fans and comedy skills, there is no reason to get entertained.

On similar notes, movie critic Gaurang Chauhan writes for TimesNow that Fryday will not fulfil the expectations of a typical Govinda fan and the reviewers have enumerated citing various reasons.

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Speaking about the screenplay, he wrote that the Screenplay is bad and his dialogues are a hit and miss while Abhishek Dogra’s direction is plain average.

With this, Rajeev Kaul, who has written multiple hits of Govinda in the past, said the film failed to impress him as the storyline is not enough to entertain the audience.

Further elaborating on it, he writes about the glorification of infidelity. Addressing the same, he stated that it’s been handled so childishly that even Govinda’s movies of the 90s will be ashamed of it.

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