Game of Thrones and HBO have dropped the latest teaser for the upcoming season 8. HBO has given the much-awaited look for season 8 where the fans were waiting for a long time. The season 8 will premiere on April 2019. The latest teaser is showing the whole A Song of Fire and Ice as mentioned in the novel books by Geroge R.R Martin. The teaser starts with Ice capturing the Stark and Westeros. Game of Thrones, the hit HBO series is finally heading to its last segment and season. The season 8 coming in April 2019 is being highly anticipated by the fans and they all are craving for a properly finished trailer for the last season. HBO is ready with their marketing schedule for the last season. The thrones team is keeping their tabs for the much awaited season which will have 6 episodes.

The new teaser shows fire and ice sweeping against each other over Westeros. The ice takes over the dire wolf meaning Stark and the dragon which represents Viserion. The fire comes to take over the ocean like Daenery’s forces Lannister in a tight collision. Every time a Game of Thrones season comes, the trailer comes before 3 months. So if the season is coming in the summer of 2019, a new trailer is expected to land before the new year. The last season ended with a bang when the Night King got control over one of the dragons of Daenerys and destroying The Wall and its protective magic. Brace yourself, there are still two fire dragons and one ice dragon, the big clash is about to happen in the upcoming season. 

Watch Game of Thrones season 8 teaser here:

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