Good news for fans who were eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode, finally the 8th episode of the final season of the fantasy drama show is up and fans are superly excited for it. Reports reveal that the episode is somehow low in action but is full of entertainment and will quench the thirst of the fans completely. Like the first episode, this show brings most of the characters to Winterfell. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow with their army of dragons –Rhaegal and Drogon finally arrive at the Northen Castle with Dothraki.

Unfortunately, Daenerys and her team do not trust Northerners. Not only them, but Sansa also do not believe them and then says exactly like her father Ned Stark told King Robert Baratheon when he earlier arrives at Winterfell –Your Grace, Winterfell is yours.

Finally, at the Great Hall, all the lords with the entire team of ladies from different segments discuss in detail about the threat of Night King on them. Lyanna Mormont, who is the little lady of Bear Island, with a lot of courage, finally questions Snow’s act to voluntarily cease the crown of King in the North.

Daenerys Targaryen complains about her dragons that they are not eating much. In order to solve the problem, she takes Jon to the two beasts. Dany takes up Drogon, Daenerys further urges Jon to ride Rhaegal. Both of them land just before a waterfall and then Jon informs her that he has ruined horses for him.

Samwell Tarly finally tells Jon that he is not a bastard but actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Further, he takes his original name Aegon Targaryen.

One the of the major moment is when Euron Greyjoy finally impresses the heart of Queen Cersei and wins her heart when he brings Golden Company’s ships to Kings Landing. Further, shocking thing happens when Cersei briefs Bronn to kill her brothers if by chance they survive. At the end, of the episode, Jaimee arrives at Winterfell where he coincidentally meets Bran.



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