Arjun Kumar (Adivi Sesh) files his 175th application to RAW before he makes the cut. When he’s asked to report for duty, he lands up at the Tailorman store. As he walks into the alteration room, he finds himself taken from there to the office of RAW via elevator. Arjun is now officially a goodachari (spy).

Arjun aka Gopi has always dreamt of being a spy as he his dad Raghuveer (Jagapathi Babu) was also a RAW agent who he believes was killed by the Al Mujahideen. Brought up as Gopi by his father’s friend, Sathya (Prakash Raj), also a RAW agent, he realises his dream and becomes an elite member of Trinetra. Meanwhile, he falls in love with his neighbour Sameera (Sobhita Dhulipala), a Harvard-educated psychologist, and he believes that his life is complete. But this is where he is wrong.

The head of Trinetra Damodar is killed by terrorists and the blame is pinned on Arjun. Just as he learns this, someone tries to kill him and Sameera, who eventually succumbs. Who kills Damodar? How does Arjun prove his innocence? How is Sameera involved in this plot? Is she really a psychologist or posing as one? Is someone inside Trinetra a traitor? These are questions that pop up just as the nail-biting intermission break comes.

Adivi Sesh comes back on screen as a writer with this film post his superhit Kshanam and he proves that he is a very talented story-teller. Unlike other spy thrillers, he has woven this tale around the life of a young agent and that’s what makes it interesting. It’s clear that thrillers are the genre that this actor-writer excels at. As an actor, he essays the role of Arjun aka Gopi well but he’s a little patchy in the initial parts of the film.

Sobhita Dhulipala and Supriya Yarlagadda are apt for their roles as is veteran actor Prakash Raj. The only actor who is out-of-place here is Vennela Kishore as he is not convincing as a RAW agent.

As a film, Goodachari is made on a small budget so there are lavish action sequences but it’s a well-written film especially the second half, where the twists and turns keep the audience thoroughly engaged. Of course, there are scenes borrowed from Hollywood films like the Kingsman and Die Hard but these seem to be written in deliberately rather than due to a lack of creativity. Adivi Sesh and director Sashi Kiran Tikka have done away with heavy romantic scenes and the song-and-dance sequences, thus keeping the movie real and pacey. Sashi Kiran Tikka and Adivi Sesh seem to have a good understanding of one another and sync in vision as the spy thriller they have created is one of the best thrillers to come out in the recent times.

One must mention the work of music composer Sricharan Pakala as the BGM really keeps up the energy and excitement of the audience. Cinematographer Shaneil and editor Garry have contributed immensely to this small film.
Goodachari ends with a note that a second film is in store for the audience and given how well this film has turned out, that one is likely to be even better.

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