While going through the Google Maccabees updates, an analysis came out and Google somewhat confirmed there were many minor updates in that time slot. An update from this analysis may have hit many celebrity websites. Glenn Gabe posted on his blog some shocking charts that show many celebrities official websites took a nose dive with these updates. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Lennon, Lebron James, Kristen Stewart, and Charlie Sheen all saw significant drops in their website rankings in Google.

Glenn wrote, “I noticed that some celebrities aren’t ranking anymore for their own names. Their websites used to rank number one in the search results as of early December, but those sites are now either at the bottom of page one or even off of page one.” Danny Sullivan, now at Google, responded to what Glenn spotted and said he will look into it:

Glenn showed a lot more detail on his blog but this is clearly something that makes you and I scratch our heads. How is it “minor” if such big websites and personalities saw such a big hit?

John Lennon:

Kristen Stewart:

Lebron James:

Tom Cruise:

Charlie Sheen:

It would be disheartening for the celebrities to go through such downfall when it comes to their popularity on Internet. Who knows, maybe Google will follow up or just revert something and we will notice the websites start to rank again?


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