One of the most popular actresses of Tollywood Anushka Shetty is celebrating her 36th birthday today. The ‘Baahubali’ star has an immense fan following and has been active in the industry for around 10 years now. One of the major factors that have contributed to the success of southern beauty is her carefulness in choosing scripts that do justice to her talent. As Shetty gets ready to blow out 36 candles on her birthday, we bring some interesting facts about her for your reading pleasure.

Yoga instructor: Not many people know that Anushka Shetty learnt the art of yoga from Bharat Thakur and was a professional instructor before entering the world of movies. The actress still swears by yoga and owes her glowing skin to it. She has stressed in many interviews that yoga helps her in maintaining a lean figure. Apart from yoga, Shetty plays great attention to her diet and consumes loads of veggies and fruits. So now you know the secret behind that fit bod and youthful face.

Bike aficionado: Surprising, right? The actress loves to ride bikes. Her amazing driving skills were on full display during the movie Super. So if Anushka ever goes missing, you know where to find her. Yes, you guessed it right!She will be perched somewhere on the top of a bike.

No commercial ads till date: Anushka Shetty does not endorse any brands and has not featured in any advertisements so far. Whoa! that just increased our love for this south sweetheart a little more.

Sweety is the real name: Anushka Shetty’s real name is Sweety. The actress chose Anushka as her stage name and that seems to have done magic for her. We do not wish to take credit away from her hard work and dedication though.

Only actress to work with Rajamouli twice: Now that is another mindblowing fact right? Even Rajamouli must have been really impressed with the charming lady to give her a chance to work with him twice.

Wonder where we leave them as we grow …..always cherish the child within 😍

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Thank you all for your Love & Support for #Bhaagamathie First Look ❤️

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