So we are set to celebrate the last day of Valentine’s week. This is the day when all couples, who are deeply in love, kiss each other to express their deep feelings and care. When it comes to kissing we just cannot ignore the B-Town actor Emraan Hashmi who ‘started’ the trend of kissing on screen. No wonder he is known as the serial kisser of Bollywood as he is seen kissing his co-actresses in all the movies.

The Bollywood actor set the trend of kissing on the screen when the act used to be taken as taboo in India and to some extent still is. Emraan Hashmi is one of those actors who took the kissing scene in the movies to the next level. From his first kiss with Mallika Sherawat in the movie Murder to continuing the trend of kissing in all his other movies, the actor’s hot and steamy kissing scenes got popular with all his co-actresses. Emraan somehow ‘widened’ the concept of kissing in his movies by proving that kissing is not taboo and is just a way of expressing one’s emotion.

Emraan Hashmi says that he is ok being called a serial kisser as this tag has given him fame in the film industry. He also said that all his movies did very well at the box office that had steamy kissing scenes with his co-actresses. Though his steamy roles earlier got him lots of negative comments he has also been appreciated for his meaningful roles in recent times. Following Emraan’s success, many other new actors and actresses of B-Town have not started taking the kissing scenes ‘seriously’. Actors like Ranbir Singh, Sunny Leone, Rajnish Duggal, Siddharth Malhotra, Deepika Padukone are some of those who have been seen kissing on screen for their movies.

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