The entertaining family drama Helicopter Eela, helmed by Pradeep Sarkar, will take you on the journey of a single mother Eela, who loves her son more than anything in this world. The role of Eela’s son named Vivan is beautifully portrayed by Riddhi Sen. Vivan is every other normal boy who is quite agitated with his mom’s constant scrutiny and gets embarrassed on her over-enthusiastic behaviour. The movie will surely give you a bunch of relatable moments with your mother, starting from the fights to the heart-wrenching confessions.

The movie features Kajol in the lead role as Ella Raiturkar, who is an aspiring singer and a loving single mother. While Neha Dhupia is also seen portraying a significant supportive role as Lisa Marine. The film got released today, on October 12 and is getting not-so-good reactions from the critics. But the acting of Kajol and Riddhi has added a lot of charm in it and everyone is appreciating them.

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Manjusha Radhakrishnan, in her review for Gulf news, has noted saying that Kajol is in her top form as an overbearing mother in this movie. The reviewer has referred the movie as a slightly unconvincing but heartfelt family drama. She applauded the cast calling the movie a collective performance by this well-casted film which elevates the engagement a lot. The reviewer said that Eela’s journey of self-discovery in the film is hasty and not wholly believable. Concluding her review, she gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

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Gaurang Chauhan, who wrote the review for TimesNow, gave the movie 2 stars calling it a big disappointment. He says that the timeline of the film is too messed up as there are many loop-holes. Commenting on the climax, Gaurang says that it is straight out of the 90s because of Kuch Bhi ho Raha Hai. While criticizing the plot, he took a moment to appreciate the heart-warming mother-son moments and the chemistry Kajol and Riddhi shared in the film. Chauhan mentions that the direction by Pradeep Sarkar is bad and leaves a lot to be desired. He praised the natural acting of Riddhi as Vivan and said that Kajol makes it watchable.

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