Sacred Games season 2 is releasing in three days on August 15, Gaitonde will tell you why everything will end in next 15 days. Will Sartaj be able to save the city? The Netflix series was a super hit show and the people were desperately waiting for the next season so here it is now, after one year the wait is over.

Netflix India on its official twitter handle is playing a quiz game on twitter, about completing the quotes and people are looking for the answer and we have it for you :

Tujhe zinda rehna hai?_________ kar.

The options are in such a way A. Daring B. Sharing C. Caring D. Other.

This quote came from none other than Kantabai who had a tiny scene in the season 1 she played the role of bold Marathi Kaaki and was beating the head of every other gangster in the series.

The answer to this quiz is option A. Daring, the quote is
Tujhe Zinda rehna hai? Daring Kar which means if you want to live you need to be daring. Kaanta Baai had her own liquor adda and she dealt with drunk men. The role of Kaanta Baai is being played by Shalini Vatsa she is an actress who played her part in Peepli Live and Shahid and after all of it, she became the brave women of Gaitonde’s life and the Khaleesi of Gaitonde the dragon.

Netflix is trying to revise the fans the quotes, perfect dialogues and the Season 1 bold actors that one just can’t forget.

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