For someone who has no connections in the film industry, Delhi based ex lawyer and risk consultant from KPMG, Himanee Bhatia has made her mark in less than a year of joining the industry. She has worked with platforms such as Netflix, Hindustan times, Filter copy, Instagram, filter copy and various others. Another feather in her hat is hosting. The pandemic started within a few months of Himanee joining the industry. When her shoots were delayed and she had a lot of spare time, she decided to put herself in the world of hosting. She landed her first hosting gig with the very popular singer , Zaman Khan. As she hosted more, she started getting noticed. She hosted the Indian hockey player, Yuvraj Walmiki, the famous actor Abhishek Banerjee, the very popular Kriti Vij, Netflix actor Aksha Pardasany, one of India’s most popular DJs Sartek, Sanjeevani fame actor Namit Khanna, and popular singers Sharvi Yadav and Bismil.

“The pandemic gave me my hosting career, hosting celebrities gave me a great platform to put myself out there” says Himanee, who partnered with Indian based travel company Deyor camps. Himanee reveals that she bagged one of her acting rojects through hosting, she is known for her versatility in roles and with hosting she has shown versatility in her career choices as well. Along with hosting, Himanee has written three books in the pandemic. We wish her all the best for her future!