Celebrities often become part of controversies and they move on but there’s one who loves to be a part of controversies and that’s why he keeps poking the things to create controversy and remain in the news. Yes, we are talking about none other than the film critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, commonly known as KRK. He is back again with another movie review and that is Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer War. This we all know that KRK never misses any Bollywood film especially when it stars megastar cast.

KRK took to his Twitter to share his review on the film and guess what? He liked Hrithik Roshan in the film, but what he has to say about Tiger Shroff? Just a few minutes back, he wrote on Twitter that till the interval, War is a top-class action film and Hrithik is looking like a god of his own world. With so many if and but also, the film doesn’t allow to think anything else. Therefore 4* for the first half.

Well, it is clear that KRK liked the film very much before the interval but what happened after it? For that, he wrote on Twitter that the story of War written by Aditya Chopra who doesn’t know ABCD of story writing and even he considers himself a genius and public idiot. Hence he has got 2 words for 2nd half #AaaThoo! It’s a waste of ₹200Cr+! Hrithik and Tiger will save it at the box office. 2* from him for the second half.

Slamming Aditya Chopra as the film is made under the banner of YRF, he seems very upset by the filmmaker for the story writing. Adding more tweets, he wrote that Aditya Chopra has done blunder and he could have revealed each detail of War to remove his underwear also if Hrithik and Tiger were not part of the film. Aditya should be thankful to them that he is saved. But he should stop making films if he doesn’t know about it. Don’t torture people, he ended his tweet. As usual, KRK’s film reviews are hilarious and we can only expect something negative out of his review.

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