iAmAnimal’s first song Unleash: Bollywood celebrities have always at the forefront and always have initiated for the social cause especially when it comes to animal welfare. Recently, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez have joined hands together for animal protection. The actors have been featured in a powerful, emotionally-charged music video, titled Unleash.

The song is released by IAmAnimal and is written and performed by Kunal Avanti. This is the first song of  IAmAnimal which is a movement created by like-minded individuals with one common goal – to spread awareness and wake people up to the true reality of animals.

Unlike other songs, Unleash is an impactful track and is an eye-opener for the audiences as it shows that due to the choices made by humans, a large amount of damage has been done to the mother nature. The unnecessary annihilation of intelligent animals, deforestation, global warming, water depletion and the horrific conditions of our oceans are the result of some of the negative consequences of human behaviour.

The music video was launched on July 10 and along with John Abraham, Jaqueline Fernandez PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk and international influencers Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, James Aspey, Rob Banks, and Peace by Veganb have also teamed up in this song.

Kunal Avanti, a musician who wants to build a platform and create awareness around animal agriculture through the medium of art and creativity. The accompanying video was shot in the Himalayas which is beautifully portrayed in the track. The song also manages to deliver the message of hope and compassion towards the animals and planet.



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