On a shady Thursday afternoon, Bollywood once again spiced up things for all Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut fans as the heartthrob, who was silent for way too long finally reacted to all the allegations that Kangana had slammed at him. In his defense, Hrithik claimed that he never met Kangana in person, shutting down the rumours of being in relationship for 7 long years. Apart from the reel couple sharing the screen in ‘Kites’ and ‘Krrish 3’, Hrithik said he doesn’t have any relationship with Kangana. After the fans gulped in perhaps each and every word Hrithik said there are some hidden facts that we need to know.

As they say every coin has two sides, so after Hrithik having his say about this never-ending facade, Kangan Ranaut has now countered successfully by raising some questions that have remained unanswered for quite long. According to a report from The Indian Express, the ‘Queen’ actress with the help of her lawayer Rizwan Siddiquee has issued certain-intriguing questions whose answers are still awaited from Hrithik’s side.  

Here are the questions that Kangana Ranaut wants Hrithik Roshan  to answer:

1) Why did Hrithik Roshan take any risk of slyly receiving, collecting and saving thousands of unverified emails on his personal email id from a hacked account, despite the fact the charges of hacking were made against him personally since May 2014, and not as an afterthought?

2) Why did Hrithik Roshan fail to take the right step and instead kept meticulously collecting these unverified and fabricated emails from a hacked account, instead of deleting them forthwith and reprimanding my client with full authority, if he had actually no guilt and had committed absolutely no wrong?

3) On what grounds did Hrithik Roshan lie to the police and only file an informal complaint instead of a FIR against an imposter, and that too without knowledge of my client, who was a concerned and interested party?

4) Why was it so important for Hrithik Roshan to wait for about 7 months?

5) Why did Hrithik Roshan only after receiving a strong reply notice, then seek to formally lodge a FIR after about 2 years against an imposter?

6) Why is Hrithik Roshan so desperately seeking to rely on a private and favourable forensic report which he has personally paid for?

7) On what grounds did Hrithik Roshan circulate an unreliable and fabricated email to the media. What was the aim and object behind it?

8) On what grounds and on whose advice did Hrithik Roshan seek to openly outrage the modesty of Kangana Ranaut?

9) On what grounds is Hrithik Roshan claiming to be stalked by Kangana Ranaut?