After several incidents of casting couch took place in Hollywood. Many Bollywood actors talked about casting couch and were completely opposing it, sexual misconduct and much more. Most of them condemned it and on the contrary, most of them even refused by saying such ugly incidents are not part of Bollywood. However, it looks like Illeana D’ Cruz has a different view on it. The actress did not accept or unveiled that sexual misconduct takes place in Indian film industry. But the actress said if the actresses open up about casting couch, their career might extinct.

Recalling an incident that took place while working in the south industry, Illeana told Bombay Times, “It can look like spiritless attitude, but I will concur that if one opens up about casting couch, their career will be ruined.  Many years ago a junior artiste in the south industry was solicited by famed producer, she asked for my advice how to overcome it. My reply to her was it is a situation that I can’t overcome for her. it is her stand that no one can impose on her. Many people have done this action it’s up to her whether she wants to step forward or axe it”. When we talk about sexual misconduct or harassment, I am completely against it.

Illeana added, those Indian actors are given godly respect. If people want to know the actual life of an actor they should step ahead to look they will be exposed to the ugly side of the actor. Illeana Further added if a superstar is alleged of this kind of act, you will need a majority of people both male and female actors to step ahead and settle a change for you. In this country, actors are worshipped so it will take an immense amount of time for people to believe that actor in the industry has such hideous side.

 I used to watch Kevin Spacey’s show but after he was accused of harassment it quitted watch his show. It makes me uneasy.” Talking about her professional career, Illeana will be seen in her upcoming project Raid alongside with Ajay Devgn.

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