Ashi Singh is all set to go to college! Well, on screen so to speak. The cute and pretty actress who plays Naina in ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ has just written her college exams in real life and is heaving a sigh of relief. But there’s a new twist in her on-screen romance in ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ and it’s set to be exciting. In a chat with Latha Srinivasan of NewsX, Ashi talks about love on and off the screen.

NewsX: So how did you do in your off-screen college exams?

Ashi Singh: I did pretty well in my off-screen exams and have always been a good student. I am inquisitive by nature and always eager to learn new things.

NewsX: Naina and Sameer have finished school and move to college. What’s up for Naina next now that she may be separated from him?

Ashi Singh: Well, she is separated from him but at the same time she has her new-found freedom and is excited about her college life. She will miss Sameer but the track will focus more on our college life and the happenings. Now with this transition to college, there will be new love blossoming between the two, but the audience will have to wait for it.

NewsX: How much do you identify with Naina?

Ashi Singh: A lot actually, I am a dancer as well and have completed my schooling a few years back, so shooting for sequences in school uniform used to make me nostalgic at times.

NewsX: Is it exciting to play a character like this?

Ashi Singh: Of course! Playing this character is totally exciting and more so because I relate to it completely. The crew and actors are like my second family which makes it exciting and fun to shoot. There’s never a boring day on the sets with all of them around me.

NewsX: Producer Summit Mittal has stated that it was his love story. Do you believe in love stories?

Ashi Singh: I do, love is a pure and untainted emotion and I respect it. Honestly, I never believe in love stories till I started shooting for this show, but playing Naina’s character has changed my views about love and relationships.

NewsX: There was a rumour that you and Randeep Rai were dating in real life but both of you denied it. What’s your relationship like with Randeep?

Ashi Singh: We are friends like I said earlier, there is nothing more than pure friendship between us.

NewsX: What does love mean to you and what does love mean to Naina?

Ashi Singh: For Naina, love means everything. She is madly in love with Sameer and is enjoying her space but for me love is all about understanding each other and the right emotional connect with your partner.

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