The episode begins with Arohi apologising for calling Virat Bhaiyya only Virat. Roma is shocked to hear this. Arohi leaves Deep’s hand and goes inside. In the flashback, we see how Arohi trapped Tara and took on her disguise. Tara says that she will pay back for all that she is doing. Arohi tells her that it is her time to pay back now. If Tara tries to act smart, the kids will take care of her. Arohi tells Chawanni that she is going back as Tara because everyone suspects Kesari now. In the present, Arohi starts doubting about whether she will be able to do this. 

Roma asks Deep regarding what happened on the way. Deep tells her everything. Meanwhile, Arohi tries to regain her composure and focus on her plan. Deep goes to get Tara back to the puja and is mesmerized to see her dressed in a red saree. But then he asks her whether she is Tara only. Deep then puts the mangalsutra and sindoor on her. Arohi starts getting violent images from the past. Just as Deep is about to put the sindoor his phone rings, Arohi is grateful and puts it on herself. 

When Masi takes Arohi’s name on seeing Tara, Arohi goes up to her and says that no one should take Arohi’s name in the house. Prithvi asks Arohi the reason behind the change in her. Deep thinks to himself that he feels like it is Arohi when he is around Tara. Tara touches Papa ji’s feet and everyone is surprised. Everyone feels that something is wrong with Tara. She throws the puja thali in a rage to behave like Tara again. Arohi goes and searches for information on Virat. She tries several passwords while Deep is on his way to the room. 

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