In the previous episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan, Arohi comes back to the house and enquires about Chawanni. Everyone is surprised to see her concern for Chawanni because she didn’t even want him in the house before. Virat returns home and everyone is happy to see him. Roma and Prithvi tell Deep about Kalyani and he goes to kill her. Read on below to find out what happens in today’s episode.

7:33 PM: Arohi tries to stop Deep from going out to complete one of Roma’s task. She pretends to have fever and asks him to stay with him. When she keeps on insisting, he tells her that Roma’s work is more important for him than anything else. She punctures the tyre of his car and goes to Alibagh. Arohi unites with Chawanni there.

7:38 PM: Arohi decides to go inside and meet Kalyani. As she tries to break the lock, Deep arrives there with a gun. Arohi tells Chawanni that she cannot see anyone die in front of her eyes. As Deep points the gun at Kalyani, Arohi comes and rescues her. She then hits him in the head and injures him.

7:42 PM: Arohi wonders about the relationship between Roma and Kalyani. Deep comes and tells everyone about the girl who saved Kalyani. Virat tells him that he is incompetent and they start arguing. Arohi eavesdrops on them. Deep wants to know what is Roma’s relationship with Kalyani. She tells him that all he needs to know is that she is the family’s enemy. 

7:47 PM: Arohi tries to console Deep, but he tells her to leave him alone and goes away. Arohi follows Deep and finds out that he paid a guy to beat him up. The guy injures him completely and Arohi is shocked to see this. He tells him to keep hitting him. 

7:53 PM: Arohi feels bad for Deep and brings him back home. She tends to his wounds and offers him water. She feels guilty about not helping him and applies medicine over his bruises.

7:58: Deep tells Arohi that the marks on his body will remind him of his mistakes. The external pain will reduce his internal pain. Arohi tells him that he can never defeat pain with pain. As she tends his wounds, he remembers about Arohi from the past.

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